Department of Functional Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory

History of the faculty

The Department of Functional Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory is a relatively young department in Tajik National University and exists since 2014. In different years scientists of this field worked at the department, Candidate of Medical Sciences Khodjaev F.M. in 2014-2016 and Candidate of Medical Sciences Ashurova Z.J. in 2016-2020 headed the department. From September 20220 to the present time the chair is headed by candidate of medical sciences Karimova O.A.

Since the first periods of establishment of the department maintains contacts with scientific centers, contributes to the study of functional and laboratory diagnostics of Tajikistan, training of qualified specialists in the field of medical and diagnostic business.

In the first years of the department (2016-2020) its teachers in addition to general courses related to functional and laboratory diagnostics, also taught microbiology and pathology for the Faculty of Pharmacy, further introduction to the specialty in the Faculty of Medicine and Biology, etc.

Scientific activity

The main directions of scientific work:

Scientific activity of the Department of Functional Diagnostics and clinical laboratory in the first years was under the direct supervision of F.M. Hodjaev. He began work in the field of Change of blood lipid indicators as factors of hypertension. The scientific work was completed in 2020 by Z.J. Ashurova and O.A. Karimova.

From 2020-2025 the department is working on the scientific theme: “Diagnosis and treatment of infertility in women and men”.

Educational activity

After graduating from the department, specialists are trained in the direction of “Functional Diagnostics” and “Clinical Laboratory”.

They receive qualification-physician, academic degree: specialty.

 In order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge of students in the medical-diagnostic business at the department are regularly held laboratory and practical classes. At the classes students get acquainted with modern ways and methods of studying different sections of diagnostics: blood, clinical laboratory, practical skills course, functional, radiation diagnostics and treatment, systematics and acquire complete knowledge. In addition to laboratory classes and functional diagnostics, the organization of field training practice to fully master the various topics of diagnostics and systematics has a great scientific, educational and practical value and expands the world outlook of students. Classes and practices are held in public and private medical institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan.

 Centers, offices, laboratories:

The department has a classroom with all the equipment for theoretical and practical classes, which is used to improve the quality of training. There is also an office for teachers and laboratory assistants.

Cooperation of the faculty:

Since the beginning of its establishment, the department has established cooperation with the National Diagnostic Center of RT, GU health complex “Istiklol”, private medical center “Madadi Akbar” and many other medical institutions of RT. In total there are cooperation agreements with 28 medical institutions.

Composition of the faculty

Head of Department

(+992) 938-85-51-44

Dushanbe, Zarafshon Street, 6, Q.12

Karimova Oltinoy Abdusalomovna

Head of the Department of Functional Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor.

              Karimova O.A. was born 03.08.1968g. in Dushanbe. In 1984 she graduated from the secondary school № 24 in Dushanbe. In 1984, she entered the Faculty of Medicine of the Tajik State Medical University and graduated in 1990, after graduation, she underwent internship at the Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health (now Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology). After graduation she was employed as an obstetrician-gynecologist in the clinic of the Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, later she was transferred to the Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology as a junior researcher. In 1994 she was accepted as an assistant at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 1 at the Abuali ibn Sino State Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino, having worked until 1997, at the same time she was a candidate at the Patrice Lumumba Russian University of Medical Sciences in Moscow. In 1997, she defended her thesis on the topic: “Utero-fetal circulation in the delay of fetal development in pregnant women with anemia”, the basis of the work was ultrasound diagnosis and Dopplerometry of the feto-placental system. Since 2000 she has been an obstetrician-gynecologist at the State Institution of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 8 in Dushanbe. Dushanbe, later the director of the center of CDC № 8. In TNU 2016-2018 years worked as an assistant of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, later head of the department 2018-2020g. From 2020 to the present time head of the Department of Functional Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine of TNU. She took courses in obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, ultrasonic diagnostics, pediatric gynecology, laparoscopy and colposcopy.

Nurov Zakirdzhan: Born on April 5, 1979, Kuibyshev. (A. Jami).

Secondary school N1.  Bokhtar district. 1986-1994.

Gymnasium-boarding school named after r. Rudaki. 1994-1996.


Surgeon of the Central Hospital of Bokhtar district 2004-2007.

In 2007-2008 – assistant of the ultrasonic diagnostics department of the State Postgraduate Medical University.

Since 2008 – doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics in the State Institution “City Emergency Center” of Dushanbe.

Since 2020 – assistant, senior lecturer of the Department of Functional Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory.

Defense of a candidate’s thesis in 2018. On the topic “Diagnosis and minimally invasive surgical interventions in mechanical jaundice”.


Dushanbe city, Sino district, Alisher Navoi Street, 17/1 apartment 156

Sayfullozoda Esfandiyar Sayfullo


Sayfullozoda I.S. Was born on 12.07.1996, in the city of Penjikent, Sughd region. Doctor-radiologist, graduate of TNU (2019). After graduation from the university, in 2019-2020 passed clinical residency in the specialty of a doctor-radiologist. Since 2020, he has been working as an assistant at the Department of TFCL.


           (+992) 915-30-79-79

Dushanbe, d. Sino, str. Giprozem 8, square 38

Khasanova Zarrina Khasanovna

senior teacher

         Khasanova Z.H. was born on March 27, 1983 in the city of Dushanbe. After graduating from TNU, in 2018-2019 she took an internship in TSMU, specializing as a doctor-laborator. In 2005-2010 she worked as a clerk in the general department of TNU, at the same time in 2016 – 2022 she worked as a doctor-laboratory technician in HCH #2. Since 2022 as a senior lecturer at the Department of TFCL.

Aziza Karimova

Address: 11 Narzikulova St., house 13, Dushanbe city.

   CELL PHONE: +992 934025554 / 939027707


  1997-2006 SECONDARY SCHOOL №52

  2006-2010 Dushanbe Medical College – Secondary Education

  2012-2017 National University, specialty “Biologist”

  2008-2011 Republican Center of Psychiatry – position of a nurse

  2011-2017 State Clinical Hospital No. 3 – medical nurse

  2017-2022 Republican AIDS Center – doctor – laboratory technician

2022-presently assistant of the Department of FUK.

Gafurova Soima Abdulkhaievna

Address: Dushanbe city, Firdavsi district, Nemat Karaboev street, hous 53 /1, room 43

CELL PHONE: +992 930203014


1999-2010 –  SECONDARY SCHOOL №9 city of Penjikent

2010-2015 – Dushanbe National University of Tajikistan, faculty of Pharmacy  – Higher education.

2016-2019 – National University of Tajikistan, laboratory technician of the Department of Functional Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory

2019 – still an assistant Laboratory technician of the Department of Functional Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory.